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When we are contacted to evaluate timber, we take the time to meet with the landowner and discuss his or her goals for the property.  We make it our mission to align and customize our forest management plan to the landowner’s specific needs--such as revenue, wildlife, beauty, and recreation--so that they get the very best out of their property.
Timber Management:
Timber management views your land as an investment.  Proper management of forestland can maximize the value of your property and keep it healthy for generations.  Forest regeneration and health are the main focus of our timber management policies.  Some of the common types are:

Timber Stand Improvement:  With this plan, our number one goal is to improve the quality of the timber on your land.  We cut out the lower value or damaged trees and leave the higher quality trees to grow.  This helps the growth of your current, high-value trees.  Short-term payout is moderate, but long-term payout is significant because it raises the quality of the wood on your property.  

Shelter Wood:  With this plan, we take all of the smaller diameter trees and leave the larger, mature trees for reseeding.  This helps to generate a more desirable forest.  We can harvest this again in anywhere from six to ten years.  At that time, we reenter the site and cut the larger trees out.  The end goal is to have sixty percent coverage.  This creates a higher quality of tree and a steady, recurring income stream.

Over Story Removal (OSR):  OSR (sometimes called clear cutting) removes all trees from a specific area.  This usually involves one part of the forest at a time.  This maximizes sunlight reaching the ground and promotes ideal regeneration.  The yield on a clear cut (short-term gain) can be high, but it then takes a long time for the forest to regrow in these areas.  Regeneration quality is a lot better over time because it synchronizes the growth of the timber.

We can use any combination of the above cutting methods to achieve your goals.  In addition, we also offer long-term timber management plans that cover a ten to twenty year period.

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“Our family has been in the timber harvesting business for three generations.  Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in our area for fair dealings and this allows us to source all the forest products we need locally.”

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