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Company History:

Brumbaugh Lumber Company was originally founded in 1982 by Chester and Carma Brumbaugh.  In 1986, Chester bought his second sawmill, which subsequently burnt down in 1987.  To keep up with demand, the Shirleysburg mill ran two shifts for a few years.  In 1994, the mill decided on a major expansion by upgrading and installing a double-cut band head saw.  This action increased efficiency and production while cutting down on sawdust.

Chester and Carma continued to run the mill along Route 522 until their retirement in July of 2004.  At that time, their sons, Corey and Wesley, assumed ownership of the existing mill and incorporated the business into Brumbaugh Lumber, LLC.

Corey and Wesley have been involved with all aspects of the timber business for most of their lives.  At an early age, they accompanied their father and grandfather into the woods to learn the logging end of the business.  During their high school years, they actively worked in the woods or the sawmill.  Growing up in the industry helped them to learn and understand the ins and outs in a way that few get the opportunity to experience. 

While Corey and Wes share decisions involved with the day-to-day operations of the mill, Corey heads up sales and Wes is in charge of purchasing. 

In order to maintain a ready supply of logs to saw, Brumbaugh Lumber, LLC, not only bids on and cuts standing tracts of timber, but also buys material from local loggers who deliver to the mill each week.  Ninety percent of our products, which include grade lumber, pallet lumber, ties and planks of various thickness and length, and sawdust and chips are produced and shipped to buyers throughout the state of Pennsylvania, as well as locations in New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and West Virginia.  The remaining 10% is exported to Canada.

The mill also supplies sawdust, mulch, and chips to large firms, local farmers, and neighbors.  Additionally, Brumbaugh Lumber, LLC, sells small orders of lumber by the piece to residents as needed.
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